House Of Ghani

Have you ever wanted gems straight from the mines? Houseofghani is a unique project bringing you gems straight from the epicenter of the world’s premiere gem exchange.

Based in the heart of downtown Bangkok, houseofghani combines leading technology with prompt shipping to deliver generations of craftsmanship and precious gem sourcing to the world within a bold new East meets West model.

Our story begins

Our story begins with the House we are named for – Ghani.
A family of jewellers spanning four generations, our story is a legacy of a family honing their craft and sharing their riches with the world.
Ghani is our ethos
Our gemstones come to us straight from our longstanding relationships with the miners themselves.  From the moment they enter our doors in the heart of Thailand, only the finest are selected to be placed in jewellery designed by our Team of 4th and 5th generational jewellers.
Our shop features all types of gemstones and jewelry, from fine jewellery perfect for everyday wear, to high jewellery for special events and occasions, to rarest collector stones and pieces for those looking to invest in their future and generations to come.

Our Stones

 Our connections with mines across the globe allow us to obtain the rarest gemstones at fair prices, all while maintaining our rigorous sustainability standards.

Our Design

Our Team of talented multi generational jewellers, makes small batches of unique jewelry that speak to the hearts of our customers. 

Our Services

We are able to offer our customers the ability to create their own custom jewelry, allowing you to bring your design to life and own a piece of jewelry as unique as you are.